nScaled Recovery as a Service Solution Now Supports NetApp

nScaled now supports NetApp Storage Systems. This latest announcement just made by the provider of online backup and disaster recovery service solutions.

The nScaled platform directly integrates with NetApp storage systems using the Data ONTAP API. The new offering aims to provide certified backup, disaster recovery and remote storage for businesses that have or plan to use a NetApp storage infrastructure. The nScaled solution simplifies and centralizes visibility, provides automation and workflow controls for complete IT business continuity management.

“nScaled now protects NetApp volumes enabling backup and recovery across the data spectrum from files to servers to data centers,” said chief technical officer, Ilya Beyer, nScaled. “As an automated, self-service offsite backup, we seamlessly complement and extend the protection of NetApp environments, covering multiple use cases.”

“Tight integration between NetApp storage systems and the nScaled recovery service keep data fully protected and make it possible to meet recovery time objectives, without having to make tradeoffs between cost-efficiency, speed or security,” said Gary Hocking, technology director, service providers, NetApp. “nScaled helps NetApp customers considering cloud based backup and disaster recovery to have consistent and uninterrupted access to data, even in the event of an unforeseen catastrophe.”

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