Which MSP Software platform to use?

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  1. Charles Weaver


    very good question. While i cannot weigh in and give you any specific names there are a couple of ways you can evaluate MSP platforms on your own.

  2. chadgniffke


    I do apologize, on behalf of Kaseya, for not meeting your expectations.

  3. itdefinitive

    Hey Lonney,

    I have been evaluating a few platforms my self and really like this one: http://www.labtechsoftware.com/

    Also the pricing is excellent.

    Sean Riggs

    IT Definitive, LLC


  4. thebillguy

    We have been using N-able for almost 2 years and I have been overall very pleased with the product and the technical support.

  5. bdp@bdpnetworks.com

    We’ve been with N-Able almost four years now.

  6. Anonymous

    Labtech is cutting edge.

    Been using it’s products for a local BIG company and it never failed…well, almost never :)


    CS from portasol

  7. Anonymous

    Been using labtechsoftware.com for ever and it’s amazingly useful.Very configurable and easy to use.Carlos

  8. Anonymous

    Been using it’s products for a local BIG company and it never failed…well, almost never :)

  9. Jef

    Look at this http://www.spiceworks.com. ITS FREE

  10. Anonymous

    Our product, PacketTrap MSP, compares favorably with both n-able and kaseya, and exceeds their capabilities on many fronts. In addition, PacketTrap’s price point is well below Kaseya, N-able, and Solar Winds.

    In addition to the usual network management and monitoring solutions you are looking for, feel free to see additional capabilities on our web site at


    PacketTrap Networks

  11. Anonymous

    We tried Kaseya and LevelPlatforms – both too expensive, too cumbersome and backed by poor support. We now use GFI Max and started using it when it was called HoundDog. It’s far and away the best monitoring tool available for MSP’s and support is provided quickly by friendly staff. 100% recommended.

  12. Anonymous

    We’ve been using Zenith for mid 2008. It used to be a good product, but I would no longer recommend it.

    US Helpdesk

    • Should only be used for basic Tier 1 issues that someone with an A+ can solve. Anything beyond that will result in client unsatisfaction. Don’t rely on it being white label, because several times they emailed the end user from their Zenith email address.


    • Great if you already have your own guys. You can pass off server requests too. You can not be hands off. You must put in specific detail exactly what you want to do, with all the info, where to find it, and everything short of actually doing it yourself if you want a favorable result. Even then, expect dissapointment.  – As seen and reported by my Zenith Account team. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat and even after they tell you they understand and are working on it…don’t trust that answer because it’s BS.
    • Don’t call the NOC b/c they won’t understand you and you won’t understand them. Your best bet is to email and wait the weeks it takes to solve the issue.

    Desktop Agent

    • Good luck providing value to your clients for desktop services. The agents don’t work as they should. Your clients will call asking why desktops aren’t patched and why AV is not updated. You will constantly get alerts about these not working as well. Zenith used to take care of these agent issues for you in the past, but now it’s your issue.
    • Agents can’t be branded. Services clearly show Zenith, installation paths, program versions, etc…So when you get the client because the previous IT company failed but was using Zenith, you’re up to a bad start when the client finds out your also using Zenith. 

    Zenith as a company

    • Company policies and services change at random times affecting how you run your business and what you have promised to your customers. They over promise causing you to do the same only to find out they have under delivered and your stuck.

    Account Team

    • Good luck getting any real help from them on service issues. Even better luck if they return your call. Requests for help will cause them to direct you to go search the website. Weekly calls are one way only…they talk you listen. Email questions in, and they will answer at a later date. Hmm…I would like to hear what other people have to say unless you are afraid of having me hear it.


    • This was a great product. Sold a lot of them, it even saved us once. Sadly it doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. Lots of errors causing us to ditch backups and start over as if it were day 1. I cringe at the thought of a restore request during the times when the client is unaware that their backup is not really there. Let’s just hope they don’t ask for that day, week, or month and that the server stays up. The NOC used to solve issues, but now you have to take up your time doing a screen share with them while they spend hours troubleshooting and tell you they will solve it later offline only to use that as an excuse to work on other issues and leave you hanging. 
    • Emails show a new BDR to hopefully correct on the issues of the past

    That said we no longer market their BDR, stop using their helpdesk when it caused us to lose a client. The NOC can be useful, but not in an emergency situation, so we continue to use the NOC for certain tickets. Ingram’s NOC isn’t any better as they’ll tell you to go call MSFT on simple issues.

    Why did we go to Zenith in the first place

    • Pay as you go. No need to build your own helpdesk and/or noc, great products.

    Benefits now

    • Pay as you go
    • NOC – love/hate relationship until a better alternative comes along
    • BDR is useful but since it’s not certain you can restore, what’s the point?
    • Monthly reports

    As of this post, we still have already sold BDRs still on the field and continue to use the NOC for certain non high profile clients.


  13. Anonymous

    You hit this description with Zenith spot on with their services and options.

    We are thinking about moving away from their desktops and BDR as well.

    Paying alot per mth and not seeing the “automation” going away.

    We have our own server team so although frustration because of the language barrier with the NOC we want to keep that unless something compriable. Even thought their NOC sometimes is 5-10 minutes late in calling or reporting downed issues.

    What did you move to? For NOC and Desktops. As well as BDR.

    We have a couple of Z bdr’s but little uneasy of when it’s crunch time with such lack of confidence it will work. The whole language thing is frustating and our “(color) Team” is so impersonable and sound like robot’s. had a run in and after getting regional mgr on, still rough around the edges.

    What did you go to?

    GC – you can email me to – contactgvc@gmail.com

  14. Anonymous

    Would really like to know if anyone is actually using spiceworks and what their experience is. We’ve been looking at a number of products for a couple of weeks now and it seems labtech is the best money can buy but one can never dismiss free/open source products these days.



  15. Anonymous

    I have been using Spiceworks for about 4 months now. It is a very good tool for one site management if you are actually at that site. You would need to configure firewalls on every desktop (or disable them), for Spiceworks is agent-less software. You can integrate it with AD though.

    Spiceworks server runs on one machine and gathers information from the network. The information is not always correct. Actually it retrieves the information from the application, system, security logs.

  16. Steve

    I worked with the N-able product for over 6 years and was very pleased with the results. In the last year they have released 2 major updates that has made the product even more fantastic. Compeltely revamped remote control options much like Logmein, script building using a drag and drop tool, super easy to use interface compared to most other products, great patching, good A/V. Really well developed ESX monitoring. Does everything from printers to servers to desktops to network equip. Highly recommend checking them out. They run a live daily tech demo you should check out. check the N-able site for info.

  17. So I have been looking at so many reviews and have tried several demos. I will be letting you know my results if that is helpful. I have used Spiceworks and it is very cool if you are using it in a single network. Not very well for an MSP. I am currently demoing N-Able, Kaseya, Labtech, PackeTrap I will see what works best and what the pricing is.

  18. Another note that just jumped into my head. I have been using vTigerCRM for our ticketing and customer portal. This is an awesome product for free but too much configuration. It is so cumbersome. Just changing company logo’s is so difficult. As all IT specialist know we don’t have the time to sit around and figure out how things work and then having to configure it to function. Spiceworks is very much the same way. The only upside to these products is the fact that they are free.

  19. Post update: This posting was created back in 2009. Obviously, it is still very much relevant today. There have been some great discussions here. Recently, we held a session at MSPWorld about vendor selection that may shed some light on the themes here.


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  23. Been in business since 1997 so I have “been there / done that”. Kaseya was too ‘clunky’ and their UI was just old and very slow. Tried their PC Backup to own private store. Worked OK until you happen to remove the agent from the server side and then want to recreate it to point it back to the client. Long story short; not going to happen; all backups of said situation become useless. Have settled on Labtech for MSP management and going to stop Connectwise. They are OK as a help desk ticket system but are just a massive time sync to setup with a rather poorly constructed UI. Software often “script crashes” and is slow to transition screen to screen which defeats the purpose of managing all clients under one roof. I am moving over to Zendesk for ticketing, Labtech for MSP, and Quickbooks for billing. At this point in time (2013) MSP software providing A through Z support has a very LONG way to go. Trying to make it all related from “hi can I help you?” to “here’s your invoice” just isn’t there yet. It’s a “cluge” and you can expect to spend a LOT of time “cluging” it all together.

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