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If Facebook is Vulnerable, What Else Can Hackers Access?

News of the latest Facebook breach is spreading fast and providing ammunition for legislators who want any reason to regulate big public cloud compani...

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Kaseya Strikes Back at Datto with Purchase of Spanning

RMM platform company Kaseya® today announced the acquisition of Spanning Cloud Apps, a provider of SaaS data protection. Founded in 2010, Spanning ha...

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MSPs Face Increasing Pressure for Transparency

If there is a recurring theme MSPs need to be aware of it is the demand by customers and their proxies (more on that below) for greater transparency. ...

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Should MSPs Hunt Cybercriminals?

I think this is the first time I'm writing about this topic, even if it isn't the first time this topic has come up in the context of managed services...

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US National Privacy Law Would Impact MSPs

If you read the news about a national Read more

MSP Sales Crisis Not Unique to Managed Services

If I had a nickel for every managed services sales discussion I've heard over 20 years... You know how the phrase goes. The point is we have been talk...

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The MSP’s Survival Guide to Cloud Nationalism

We have written on the topic of clou...

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ClearPoint Acquisition Continues Pattern of Mature MSPs

There are mature MSPs, and there is everyone else. All M&A discussions should be viewed in this context to understand the managed services profess...

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The Argument for Physical NOCs

There has been an ongoing debate in the managed services profession about the best way to set up and deploy a network operations center (NOC). Traditi...

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The Liability of Not Using a MSP

I wrote an article back in 2000 about the value of using an MSP to perform routine IT work so your internal IT department could focus on other things....

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