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Survey shows a bright outlook for IT salaries, budgets in 2014 and beyond

According to the numbers, 55 percent of IT professionals experienced a pay raise in 2013, averaging a 5.5 percent hike across the board. Read more

H-P Joins IBM and Cisco in Hunt for Cloud Computing Success

It started a few years ago with Cisco engaging with managed service providers to discuss their cloud computing ambitions, then came IBM and followed s...

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Make Delighting Your MSP Customers Job #1 and the Rest Will Fall into Place

As the saying goes, “the customer is king,” and businesses who don’t put their customers first often learn this the hard way. This becomes parti...

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What’s the Biggest VAR to MSP Transition Headache?

This has been a hotly debated topic for a long time; I mean a really long time. VARs (or any type of break/fix company transitioning into managed serv...

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Michigan Gets it Right on Cloud Tax

I think we all should take a look a the state of Michigan and their recent court decision on cloud computing tax. This decision should be a model for ...

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How Threat Intelligence and Sandboxing Can Protect Your Customers from Zero-Day Exploits

It seems as if every week there is yet another news story about a company reporting a security breach.  Organizations continue to find themselves und...

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Heartbleed Good Opportunity for MSPs to Talk to Customers About Security

The Heartbleed vulnerability affecting millions of users on the internet is creating a lot of buzz in the media. What's important about the media cove...

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How Should Europe Protect Its Cloud Computing Data?

Why should you care how Europe protects its cloud computing data? If you live in Europe then the answer is obvious. If you don't live in Europe the an...

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Public Cloud Providers Race To Bottom Not Destiny of Managed Service Providers

Some interesting news from the public cloud front. First, Amazon Web Services just lowered their prices again...for the 42nd time! And, in an obvious ...

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MSPWorld 2014 Spring Conference Roundup

In case you could not attend MSPWorld this week, here are some of my observations and feedback from the delegates in attendance.

Speakers & Co...

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