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Losing Your Largest Client: How To Prepare

It happens to many MSPs. A significant client, representing a large portion of your recurring revenue suddenly goes away. They are acquired, find a di...

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Exit By Design: Taking Control Of Your Exit And Succession Plan!

Since most MSPs are small businesses, many owners think of M&A as the only method for exiting a business. While M&A is an option MSP busines...

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Simple Tips For Financial And Strategic Success

Delivering high quality managed services is half the battle of being a great MSP. Having a solid back office operation is also important. This session...

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MSP Certifications: Which Certifications Or Standards Are Relevant To Your Business Needs

It is now well established that certifications are becoming an important part of operating a MSP practice. What is not well known is which certificati...

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Cloud Nationalism: Geo-Specific Data Privacy & The Future Of Managed Services

The cloud is here to stay. But, as someone once said, the cloud is just someone else’s server. Cloud computing has changed the managed services c...

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Security, Compliance And The Role Of The MSP In Healthcare

Running a successful MSP demands a lot of effort. Running a successful MSP focused on healthcare…even more. This session will examine the demands of...

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Getting Over Your Fear of Cold Calling

Calling new accounts and setting meeting appointments is one of the most difficult tasks \ most MSPs, CSPs and VARs face. In general, people hate cold...

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The Cost of Acquiring New Managed Services Customers

Presented at MSPWorld 2017 Conference in New Orleans by Jim Griffith. This session will cover the importance of und...

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The Data Center is Dead: How the Cloud is Changing Data Center Choices for MSPs

Presented at MSPWorld 2017 Conference in New Orleans by Laz Vekiarides. Clouds and colocation sites have completel...

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Scaling your Managed Services for NOC and Help Desk

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