Did you know that membership in MSPAlliance is FREE with NO member dues?! If you’re paying member dues elsewhere, WHY?!

MSPAlliance is the oldest and largest professional association, as well as certifying and standards-based body for the Manage Service and Cloud industry. It was created by manage service providers in 2000 to meet the needs of MSP professionals, technology-enabling vendors and business consumers.

Should you be a member of MSPAlliance?

Simply stated, if you are not involved with MSPAlliance, you should be and here’s why: MSPAlliance has grown to be the largest, most influential organization of its kind.

What makes us so powerful?

You. Our members. MSPAlliance has always been vendor/product-agnostic with no editorial agenda. Why is that important? Because we are beholden to no one, your charter is our charter, your cause is our cause and we are you. We believe in the power of truth and that there is strength in numbers and at MSPAlliance, we have both.

MSPAlliance membership levels include:

  • Regular Members: Members that have demonstrated (via a functioning website and corporate email address) that they are either an IT Provider or Technology Enabling Vendor (sign up here)

MSPAlliance offers its members extensive educational courses, world-wide networking opportunities, a vendor-agnostic environment in which to evaluate and choose best of breed technology solutions, soup to nuts consulting services to help you grow or expand your business, launch a start-up, or build an IT Channel program. Among other things, our members are offered:

  • Extensive educational courses in its Manage Service Institute
  • A worldwide network of more than 30,000 manage service professionals and technology enabling vendors
  • Vendor agnostic, MSP-designed Certifications for Manage Service and Cloud
  • Extensive world-wide networking opportunities: MSPWorld Conference and Expo, MSPAlliance Executive Networking Dinners and MSPAlliance Regional Workshops and Seminars. Pick one, or come to them all. We’re everywhere and anywhere.

MSPAlliance is run By MSPs, For MSPs and there are NO annual member dues.

Is membership for you? MSPAlliance offers membership for both Manage Service Providers (MSPs) and Technology Enabling Vendors.

How does MSPAlliance operate with no annual membership dues?

MSPAlliance began as a grass-roots effort to lend a unified voice to the manage service industry. The founders pledged that, when the organization became large enough to fund itself, no membership dues would be charged—and that commitment continues today.

Instead of member fees, MSPAlliance is funded through its accreditations, certifications, events, insurance, leasing, financial services and consulting offerings. That allows the association to remain a grass-roots vendor-agnostic group.

Here are some of the benefits and services MSPAlliance Members enjoy:

MSPAlliance is run By MSPs, For MSPs…with NO annual member dues!

To begin your membership with MSPAlliance sign up for your free membership today!