MSPAlliance Mission

The International Association of Cloud & Manage Service Provider (MSPAlliance) was established in 2000 with the objective of helping MSPs become better MSPs. Today, MSPAlliance has more than 30,000 cloud computing and manage service provider corporate members across the globe. MSPAlliance has become the world’s largest industry association (and certification body) for cloud computing and manage service professionals. MSPAlliance is a large international consortium of MSPs that work in a collaborative effort to partner, network and grow.

Cloud Computing & Managed Services Standards

The mission of the MSPAlliance is to promote the Cloud Computing and Managed Services Industry, as a true and viable profession to the Business Consumer. Because each and every one of our members agrees to follow a strict code of ethics, consumers of Cloud Computing and Managed Services can have greater assurance that they are dealing with reputable, qualified, and trustworthy providers.

In addition, the MSPAlliance was the first organization to develop a standard of technical and operational best practices for its members; a standard which was uniquely developed for MSPs by MSPs. The MSPAlliance standard, called the Unified Certification Standard for Cloud & Managed Service Providers, was created a decade ago in response to the need for MSPs and business consumers to have greater trust and transparency into how managed IT services are consumed and delivered.

Managed Services Education

MSPAlliance also conducts educational programs for its membership and the end-user community so that businesses will have an easier time finding qualified and reputable MSP organizations all over the world to partner with, network with, learn and grow. Additionally, the MSPAlliance provides its members with current events and news in the field of information technology along with its educational programs. Such educational programs for managed services are offered through the MSPAlliance’s corresponding services and certifications for MSP / Cloud Verify, MSP Verify, and Cloud Verify.

Additionally, newly implemented laws such as GDPR present MSPs with increased complexity and opportunity. MSPAlliance, through its programs such as GDPR Verify, offer service provides and their customers with higher levels of transparency and compliance.

Further, through the MSPAlliance’s Membership, members get access to an online community hosted by the MSPAlliance. Access to the online community features shared communications between members interested in learning more about information technology managed services, certifications, accreditation services, and member standards in the information technology space.

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Channel Involvement

MSPAlliance also works closely with respected software and hardware vendors from around the world, helping advance the professionalism, ethics and integrity of Manage Service and Cloud Computing. By helping to bridge the gap between vendors and service providers, MSPAlliance aids in the delivery of highly valuable products and solutions to the consumer. 

Learn more about the benefits of Membership and how to get involved on our Membership Page.